Welcome to Our 2016 Primary Science Project

21-IMG_7089Welcome to our 2016 Primary Science Project.

Please click on the menu above to see all our work.

This website showcases all the work that we have completed to help us achieve our 2016 Discover Primary Science Award.

There are five main parts of the 2016 Discover Primary Science Award.

  1. Science and the experiments –  We conducted lots of experiments and you can view some of our experiments by clicking on the links in the menu above.
  2. Technology – Using  Ipads , we explored how different apps on our ipad can be used to improve literacy, numeracy and assessment in our school. We entered entitled ” How can we create the digital school of the future?”  into the 2016 Primary Science Awards held at the 2016 BT Young Scientist. We also developed this website using the WordPress App!
  3. Engineering – We invited engineers from local industries into our school to speak to our students. We also visited a lego exhibition in our local library.
  4. Maths – We created different maths trails in our school and used the Skitch Photo app to collect all our evidence.
  5. STEM Showcase – We showcased all our knowledge and experiments which was held in the school hall!

Our Digital School  (Technology)

  • The aim of this project is to examine how we can create the Digital School of the Future and to investigate how technology can be used to improve all aspects of our school.
  • Firstly, we examined how the Ipad tablet device could be used to improve literacy, numeracy and assessment in our school. Please click on the links above in the menu to see all the apps!
  • Secondly, we investigated how the Raspberry Pi computer could be used to help improve our school and act as a solution to two particular problems that we were having in our school.
  • Finally, we conducted a survey of our students regarding internet safety and how they use technology in their own lives every day.

How can we create the Digital School of the Future?

Here are some of the apps that we used to create our Digital School.

Laois Education Centre Cooperation is Cool Winners 2016

How can we create the Digital School of the Future wins an Award at the 2016 RDS Primary Science Fair

Click here to read all about the RDS Science Fair

Our Experiments and Science Fair Held in the School Hall (STEM Display)

We also conducted lots of different experiments to help us learn more about science. We demonstrated all these experiments to the rest of the school , our parents and all the local schools who visited our fantastic science fair.


You can find out more on the Science Fair by clicking on this link.


Here are some of our Discovery Primary Science Experiments below.