Book Creator

08-BookcreatorBook creator is an app that can let you make books and comics.It is a great app for learning and helps improve literacy.I really enjoy making books and comics on book creator.It is also a good app for drawing as you need to draw everything when you make comics and if you have pictures in your stories.Overall I think Book Creator is well worth the money you pay for it.



24-IMG_7085 25-IMG_7084

Here are the pages of the E- book that one of our students made. This E – book can be uploaded to the ITunes store and download onto your Ipad.   Student can work together to collaborate on a large class book.

science book pg1

Science Fair Book page 1

science book pg2

Science Fair Book page 2

Science book page3

Science Fair book page 3

Science book page 4

Science Fair Book page 4

science book page 5

Science Fair Book page 5



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