Our Visit to the 2016 BT Young Scientist

primary science fair

In January 2016,  we  were invited to display our project at the RDS Primary Science Fair at the 2016 BT young Scientist exhibition.

100 Students from 2nd to 6th class visit the 2016 BT young Scientist!

We were vdavery well supported with four buses containing over 100   students from 2nd, 3rd , 4th , 5th, 6th class attended the fair leaving Clara at the early time of 7am!

The aim of  our project entitled “How can we create the Digital School of the Future?”  involved investigating how technology can be used to improve all aspects of the school. 

Using a number of apps we explained to the judges how the Ipad tablet device could be used to improve literacy, numeracy and assessment.  We programmed the Raspberry Pi mini computer to ensure that when someone rings the doorbell of the school, the principal now receives a notification and picture of the caller by email on her phone. Finally, we also conducted an interesting survey regarding internet safety and how students use technology in their own lives every day.

Finally at the end of a busy day, we received our award from the RDS primary fair judges! Everybody really enjoyed taking part in the RDS science project and visiting all the stands at the BT young Scientist!


RTE came over to Visit our Stand


We received an award for all our work!


We enjoyed visiting all the stands at the BT young Scientist


Can you see the Electricity?


This is called the Lego Challenge. How quickly can you make up a Lego Mixel?


The trip to the RDS

We visited Titan the Robot!!

Robot Wars was such fun!